Woodloving Creations - T. E. Davis

Fine Crafted Natural Wood Furniture by T.E. (Tom) Davis of Woodloving Creations

Unique furniture designs include red cedar (and some holly) chairs, stools, ottomans, and tables handcrafted from recycled wood. Tom Davis is the designer and builder for each creation.

Designs are created to be comfortable and functional, with an appeal that is both rustic and artistic. They are beautiful to see, and practical to use. Each piece has been wood burned with the stamp of the artist, and a written description of the work process is provided with each piece.

While Tom is never short on his own ideas for new creations, he is willing and open to discussion of new designs suggested by his customers. You are encouraged to contact him at Woodloving Creations to create what may become an heirloom piece of furniture for your home. Tom likes to talk to each client before a special order is placed to better understand the customer’s wishes, and to discuss honestly what it is possible to create from available materials.

Each piece of furniture by Woodloving Creations is a unique, one of a kind item created with patience and care from pieces of cedar (and some holly). Each limb or root has its own natural shape and beauty that is highlighted by the finishing process. Each piece will grace your home with its own naturally polished design. The wood is finished until it is satin smooth. Seats for cushioned chairs are hand upholstered with pigskin or deer hide.

Tom’s process is more one of artistic creation than of production. Each one of a kind piece takes at least four to six weeks to complete. Finishing and polishing of root pieces may increase the time required to complete any piece. Pieces are made from Eastern Red Cedar (or holly) limbs or roots that are gathered on long walks through the woods on Tom’s home site in North Carolina. No live trees are cut to produce the furniture. Only dead limbs or roots from downed trees are used in order to preserve the natural resources in this area. It requires patient searching to locate each piece for a chair or stool to ensure the sought after character and strength for each creation. (See Description of work process for further information.)

More to come.

If you have questions, you can email Tom _at_ woodlovingcreations _dot_ com

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